Donovan With Down's
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Donovan and Me

After trying for a few years for a child, we were blessed with the birth of first son, Donovan.  I was a paralegal at the time and my husband was a U.S. Marine.  While we did not know Donovan had Down syndrome until his birth we wouldn't have changed a thing.   It's true that our life has not been a bed of roses.  Find me one family that has raised two children with no problems.  I feel that our life has been made more full by opening our eyes to all people.  We have also been blessed that our family has been supportive of us since day 1.   I would like to help families that have had genetically enhanced children to be less afraid of their family's future.  I feel it is ok  to have many concerns.  In fact, I feel the more concerns a parent has about the child means they already love their child more than they know by already thinking about how best to raise their child. 

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